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This is a couple months old but still kind of cool. At CTIA this year VISA President John Partridge in his keynote talked about and our mobile strategy and he totally used a screenshot of the mobile UX I designed. Very cool seeing something you worked on projected on a huge wall for thousands of people. &

Designed and built these twin wordpress backed sites for a local photographer Michael Timbang. This custom slideshow theme uses JQueryTools, JScrollpane, CSS and some of my own custom scripting for the interactions. The goal with the design was to make it visually powerful and super minimal for the end user and super simple for Mike to upload photos and maintain his site without really needing to know how to use wordpress. redesign

Spent last weekend restyling foodiemob to make it easier to find recipes. I also revamped the grid, logo, look, tone and feel… It is still a work in progress… should have a mobile version of the site available soon….

A couple months back I designed and implemented a custom WordPress theme for a local photographer – Dan Liberti.

It is designed to leverage the CMS and category tagging aspects of WordPress to make it super easy for him to add photos and have the flexibility to display them wherever he needs them.

The front end queries the DB filtering by category tags which correspond to the different sections of his site. Adding a new category will create a new tab on the top linking to a slideshow which displays all the photo posts that have that category tag. This allows him to easily share photo collections across sections by giving photo posts multiple tags. This also allows him to still have a blog section by tagging the post with a blog category tag.

For the UI, I am using jQuery to create a light weight slideshow for users to either scroll through the images or if you look closely click on the little play button on the bottom right corner to run through the slideshow automatically (This feature was added specifically for Dan to show off his site to potential clients which is why it is more of a discoverable feature).

The power of Photoshop brushes

Ever wonder how designers create those cool vector looking abstract designs or get really cool grungy textures in photoshop?



They don’t create custom patterns and they don’t create custom shapes. They use brushes. The above example is using a couple of free brushes found at and a couple of transparent effects. You can find hundreds of free brushes that give you as little as primitive vector shapes all the way to fully developed images that you can use at variety of sizes. Brushes are cool because you can use a handful of them to create really cool original artwork or abstract patterns. You can also create your own brushes very easily. A lot of brushes are original black and white artwork that is scanned into Photoshop and then converted into a brush.

If you are interested in using Photoshop brushes, I would recommend checking out to get a jump start. They have a pretty big directory of really cool brushes.

OH Dat’s Nice: Sweetcron


I ran accross Sweetcron the other day while kicking around the internet and it is really cool. It is a online life streaming software that allows you to aggregate your own personal web content in one place. So if you have a blog, use twitter or any other online service that generates a feed, you can feed it into your Sweetcron site to create an up to date time line of all of your online activities.

I took the opportunity today to try it out and install it on Instillation was super simple and themeing the content for a personalized took no time at all…I currently only have it hooked up to my blog, but their api makes it super simple to customize the interface and the content. It does take a little knowledge of PHP/HTML/CSS but if you are a web designer or dev guy, you will see that it is cake to set up and get going and to tell you the truth they make it really easy for the weekend warrior blogger to figure it out too.

Out of the box it pulls your entire feed content but in my example you see that I pulled out all the content and only left the title of the post and the posting date, with the blocks linking back to my articles…so you could use this software to suplement your current blogs etc…

All in all, I would recommend Sweetcron to anyone looking to keep all of their online activity in one place and I really think that this concept of lifestreaming is really going to take off…

Here is another example of a Sweetcron based site:

nuff’ said

From the article Major flaw revealed in Internet Explorer; users urged to switch by Christopher Null…

“The major press outlets are abuzz this morning with news of a major new security flaw that affects all versions of Internet Explorer from IE5 to the latest beta of IE8. The attack has serious and far-reaching ramifications — and they’re not just theoretical attacks. In fact, the flaw is already in wide use as a tool to steal online game passwords, with some 10,000 websites infected with the code needed to take advantage of the hole in IE…”

Please stop killing baby kitty cats and switch to something other than IE

Introducing: “Grub! on the go…” for the iPhone

Grub on the go IconI know what you are thinking…hey this is the same Yelp Grub Finder app sans the Yelp…yea, sorry everyone…no more Yelp branding except for their required logos…as per Yelp…anyways, for those who are not familiar with my old Yelp Grub Finder, “Grub! on the go…” is an iPhone app that lets you search for food, beer whatever while you are on the go…it also provides review snippets and ratings from Yelp users to help you make your decisions…I also moved the home of my app to

I will keep the old link location on for those who have my app added to your home screens on your iPhones, but the look and name will change to “Grub! on the go…”


Yelp has asked me to change my Yelp Grub Finder iPhone app…

I got a call today from the head of BD at Yelp…

I thought it was a call to discuss purchasing my Yelp Grub Finder app being that it is featured on Apple as a staff favorite, and have had 50K + traffic in a few short weeks, but it was quite the opposite. To my surprise, they want me to change it…bummer… Even though I am using their name properly as per their terms of service, they think that it still looks too much like an app they have created…i don’t know about that, i think it looks a lot better than any app they would create :) … anyways, I will be changing the name and styling for the Yelp Grub Finder…All of the functionality is still going to be the same, the only difference will be the name and colors…Stay tuned for the change…