Introducing: “Grub! on the go…” for the iPhone

Grub on the go IconI know what you are thinking…hey this is the same Yelp Grub Finder app sans the Yelp…yea, sorry everyone…no more Yelp branding except for their required logos…as per Yelp…anyways, for those who are not familiar with my old Yelp Grub Finder, “Grub! on the go…” is an iPhone app that lets you search for food, beer whatever while you are on the go…it also provides review snippets and ratings from Yelp users to help you make your decisions…I also moved the home of my app to

I will keep the old link location on for those who have my app added to your home screens on your iPhones, but the look and name will change to “Grub! on the go…”