This is a couple months old but still kind of cool. At CTIA this year VISA President John Partridge in his keynote talked about and our mobile strategy and he totally used a screenshot of the mobile UX I designed. Very cool seeing something you worked on projected on a huge wall for thousands of people.

Very exciting stuff! Their new checkout experience leverages PlaySpan’s Upay 2 payments platform which I was responsible for designing and architecting the UX. This checkout is available in 17 countries and in 5 languages and has millions of monthly active users.

Designed and built these twin wordpress backed sites for a local photographer Michael Timbang. This custom slideshow theme uses JQueryTools, JScrollpane, CSS and some of my own custom scripting for the interactions. The goal with the design was to make it visually powerful and super minimal for the end user and super simple for Mike to upload photos and maintain his site without really needing to know how to use wordpress.

Spent last weekend restyling foodiemob to make it easier to find recipes. I also revamped the grid, logo, look, tone and feel… It is still a work in progress… should have a mobile version of the site available soon….

I have finally started working on my brewing website. I have been brewing beer for about 4 years now and I specialize in creating big stouts… thought I’d share…

Having a long hangover Sunday at home has it’s advantages sometimes… especially when you have a beer blog in serious need of a redesign… the trick is to just make sure to stay hydrated… and maybe a little hair of the dog…

This was a fun little project for my brother in-law… They live in Oahu and have their own bread business selling bread and pizza’s around the island so I offered to design and built a simple brochure site on WordPress… I used WordPress again because it makes it really easy for them to keep it updated…

So I finally had time this weekend to just relax, have a few beers and redesign my personal blog. The new bits: Our logo, overall look tone and feel, custom background js and a full screen photo viewer app that pulls all of our photos from all posts into one view and lets you easily scroll through and view any image full screen… I still am working on some of the interactions but thought I’d share.

A couple months back I designed and implemented a custom WordPress theme for a local photographer – Dan Liberti.

It is designed to leverage the CMS and category tagging aspects of WordPress to make it super easy for him to add photos and have the flexibility to display them wherever he needs them.

The front end queries the DB filtering by category tags which correspond to the different sections of his site. Adding a new category will create a new tab on the top linking to a slideshow which displays all the photo posts that have that category tag. This allows him to easily share photo collections across sections by giving photo posts multiple tags. This also allows him to still have a blog section by tagging the post with a blog category tag.

For the UI, I am using jQuery to create a light weight slideshow for users to either scroll through the images or if you look closely click on the little play button on the bottom right corner to run through the slideshow automatically (This feature was added specifically for Dan to show off his site to potential clients which is why it is more of a discoverable feature).

Actually it went live a couple months ago… just haven’t had a chance to share…

Blinklab is a digital retouch studio based in San Francisco and they hired me last year to build their site. The site was built using resourcespace an opensource php digital asset management system. I extended the system to include a templateing system for the front end so that they can both use the system as a cloud based storage and cataloging system and a consumer facing website. Design was done by them and I did all coding – PHP/HTML/CSS. I also set up their in house server and deployed their site.